PUR Stage DS Cajon

DS (Double Snare) stands for two separate snare mechanisms. Each snare mechanism can be switched on and off separately and you can modify the intensity of the snare sound. The Stage DS offers a number of different sound-variation. In addition, the Stage DS has an integrated XLR plug commonly used on stage or in a recording studio. The backside offers an alternative Konga-Bongo like sound.


-Sandwich constructed play front veneered with maple and ebano

-Corpus: hand selected birch veneered with ash-stained in black

-Integrated Neutrik XLR-Plug

-Factory Aligned Clap Corners

-Double Snare

-Cajon Sit-Pad

-H: 47.5 cm, W: 30.4 cm, D: 29.6 cm


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