PUR Compact QS Cajon Zebrano

The Compact QS (QS=Quick Snare) series offers you a number of different features and convinces with an exceptional sound. From the first stroke on you will experience a well-balanced combination of a clear snare-sound and a powerful bass. Due to the unique snare mechanism the snare sound can be switched on or off in seconds and you can also modify the intensity of the snare sound, no tools needed. The backside offers an alternative Konga-Bongo like sound.

Zebrano Details:

-Sandwich constructed play front veneered with maple and zebrano

-Corpus: hand selected birch veneered with maple

-Factory aligned Clap Corners

-Quick Snare mechanism

-Cajon Sit Pad

-H: 47.5 cm, W: 30.4 cm, D: 29.9 c



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