PUR Vision SP Cajon-Black

The Vision SP (Sound Chambers-Pitch Converter) is equipped with one snare mechanism and has an inbuilt pitch-converter at the sound hole making it impossible to modify the sound of the Cajon, especially the pitch of the bass. Each side of the Cajon has two integrated sound-chambers with differing sound characteristics. The play front is composed of beech tree, veneered with hand selected exclusive wood, making it robust and resulting in a rock-like sound experience.


-Play front (sandwich construction): veneered with satin nut

-Corpus: hand selected birch veneered with ash-stained in black

-Sound Chambers

-Inbuilt Pitch Converter

-Factory Aligned Clap Corners

-Quick Snare Mechanism

-Cajon Sit-Pad

-H: 47.5 cm, W: 30.4 cm, D: 29.6 cm

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