Remo Mondo Djembe 14″

Standard key-tuned djembe with 8 lugs, with the rich brown textured Earth design shell. Remo djembes are based upon the traditional drums of the West African Mandingo people, originating from the great Mali Empire of the 13th and 14th century. In Africa, one of the Djembes functions is as a healing drum. REMOS key-tuned djembe have had great success as the most user friendly djembe in the world. The key-tuned Djembes are the most popular of Remos World Percussion instruments. They are used by touring professionals and in drum circles. The high slaps and deep bass tones from all Remo Djembes are from the Type 2 FiberSkyn TM 3 drumhead and ACOSTICON TM shell. There are 8 lugs are used on the 14 in. + models, all in a Earth-pattern FabriFinish covering.


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