Mary Jo's Drum Set

Mary Jo’s Drum Set

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy day at the Don Hamrick Drum Center in North Myrtle Beach. Don has been manning the store all by himself today because I went to a school nurse conference in Myrtle Beach. Whew it’s been a busy day for me too, trying to coordinate all of my activities! The busy-ness has made me realize that this goal of mine, to become a professional drummer, is going to take commitment with a capital C! For me to really do this, I have to commit to practice a certain amount of time everyday no matter what else I have going on. I have been averaging 2 hours of practice a day since I started, but I have been off of work due to summer break. My commitment to my goal is to practice 2 hours a day no matter what. I actually had the desire to practice this morning after my work out and before I had to leave for the conference, but I didn’t have drums at home to practice on. I practiced when I got to the Drum Center this afternoon, but I was lacking some in energy and motivation after the conference and drive. I am thinking about the possibility that I will need to re-think my current money-earning career plans to allow sufficient time and energy for my goal while still earning a living once summer break is over. Is this even possible??Possibly a job with a schedule that allows for more practice time, if I can find one. Right now I need to get through today and tomorrow’s conference and not slack on practice. This is going to be the ultimate test of my commitment. I am determined that I can keep on going for these two days, but it makes me realize I may need to come up with a different work schedule. I am still working on rudiments, the flam music and the famous Don Hamrick Drum Beat Sheet. Yesterday one of Don’s star students gave me a picture he drew of me on the drum set. That was so sweet! I’ve posted it on the Musician Connection board we have in the store for everyone to see. I see all of Don’s students working so hard and it inspires me to as well. I also have an interest in learning double bass. I have a double bass pedal and have been working on strengthening my left leg. Playing double bass is a workout. It is like trying to run down the street sitting down! Have a great day everyone and keep on drumming!